About Us

CARG is a leading intelligence and risk management firm headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Our objective is simple; we help clients discreetly and expeditiously resolve their most complex and difficult challenges. We do this through our relentless, surgically efficient approaches, and our developed network of trusted and proven allies.

We provide resources and manage outcomes for clients who want increased efficiency and demand a level of service that is second to none. For over a decade CARG has worked diligently to unite our strong relationships and dedication to excellence in order to provide world-class services to our clients. We deliver actionable intelligence to help reduce the risk and impact associated with doing business in various competitive and increasingly complex, highly regulated economic environments.

We utilize trusted and properly vetted resources and personnel with proven track records. We then leverage our superior project and vendor management expertise to provide elite services at reduced costs, and increased efficiency which results in a safe and secure total environment for our clients and their loved ones.